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​February Is a month to share Valentines, Love and Friendship! We will be starting a new Program called "Let's Keep it Real" to promote empathy-
Real stands for R=Respect E=Empathy A=Affection L=Love. Looking forward to a fun month filled with Friendship!
Best wishes,
R=Respect     E=Empathy    A=Affection    L=Love
Helping young children to develop a strong sense of empathy is beneficial because: It helps them to build a sense of security and stronger relationships with other children and educators, positioning them well for learning. It encourages tolerance and acceptance of others. It promotes good mental health. Here at Dianne Adair@Highlands, we are starting a new program called "Keep It Real" everyday at group time we will do some fun Empathy promoting games and activities, and, our staff will be implementing some Fun Crafts and
activities to also help promote a sence of Empathy.
Dianne Adair@Highlands is a                      Bully Free Zone!
Snowden is our resident Albino
Guinea Pig- He's A sweet boy who likes to "Chirp" a lot!

We will Begin The Summer/Fall 2019-20 Enrollment starting March 1st 2019