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Danette Mullen - Site Director

Melissa Bevans - Assistant Director

Welcome Back to School!

We hope you had a wonderful Summer!
We have a fun and exciting Year Planned!
Welcome Back to Miss Melissa! She is back
as Assistant Director this year!
Zumba Kids Dance is starting  and so is
Skyhawk Sports and Piano!
Info is posted but if you have any questions,
Please feel free to chat at any time!
Best wishes!
Our Center "Pets"


We have started our Dude Be Nice! Program and will be
working on showing kindness to others!

Zumba Dance for Kids Starts another Fun Session of 6
Classes!-- For Info- See Danette or Melissa-
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Zumba Dance is a fun Fitness filled
Dance class! Mrs. Frick Take the children around the world to learn
the custom dance of that country.
With fun filled facts and Super Fun
Games! This is a super fun class!
Every wednesday!

Skyhawks Sports! Every Tuesday!- Flag Football Class!
2:40p-3:40p Fun filled Class taught here on our Grass!
If interested- Go Online to register -

Or call- (925) 276-2929

Space is limited! Sign up today to discover and develop athletic skills and social values such as teamwork, respect and sportsmanship.
After School Piano Class!
Every Thursday!- 3:00pm-4:00pm
with Ms. Pederson
Classes are 6 sessions-
For more information see
Danette or Melissa. $20.00 Per class- 6 week class-$120.00
Hero Club Is Starting the Haunted Pirate Ship!


Each Grade Level has chosen a Pokemon
Mascot for their team- When someone is quiet at grouptime, helps a friend, helps to clean up, Does their homework, ect..their team earns a pokeball- The Team who has the Most pokeballs at the end of the month gets a PIZZA PARTY!!

Leopard Gecko
Albino Guinea Pig twins boy & Girl