Captain Jack "Tom" spent time recruiting his
Pirate Crew!
Our Second place prize winner!
In The Costume Contest!
Our First place Prize Winner in the
Costume Contest!
We had a lot of fun putting on the 3rd annual Halloween Carnival this year! The 5th and up
Club helped with each of the fun booths we had!
The face painting booth was a HIT! Many a ticket was spent to have some cool painted tatoos! Thanks to our HERO
club members for helping out!
The Doughnut Eating Contest was also a
Big HIT! the Children found out that eating a doughnut was harder than they thought!
(especially when you can not use your hands!)
Our HERO Club president ran the
Daycare "Jail" for 5 tickets, you could
have anyone you wanted put in our
"Jail". The children enjoyed being
put in jail almost as much as having
their friends arrested!
Musical Chairs is always a fun Booth!
Everyone is a winner in this game!
Our well stocked prize booth!
Come on in and spend your
tickets here! Holly and our
Helpful Hero Club members
were waiting to help!