Miss Casey's Class
     Miss Casey

December News....
The themes this month:
Christmas and holiday fun
Season all around

Seasons All Around—children are engaged in activities that explore different types of weather and the changing seasons. The big ideas of the theme include:

Week 1: Weather Report
   Children talk about different kinds of weather.

Week 2: All Year Long
   Children learn how weather affects the environment.

Week 3: Seasons Change
   Children discover how and why the seasons change.

We are learning about the letters Uu for "Umbie umbrella" and Yy for "Yetta yo-yo"

We are focusing on the number 4 this month and we will also be doing a lot of fun December/Christmas/holiday crafts.

Parents, REMINDER....
there will be NO school Monday December 19th through the 30th, for Winter break. Have a great holiday vacation!!