Daycare Dollars are making their comback this year!  The children will be given Daycare Dollars To use to spend In our Monthly Daycare Dollar Store.
The Store will have things such as Pencils, small toys,  some candy, Fun little games and things such as that.
The Students earn Daycare Dollars by, listening quietly on the carpet, Helping a friend or Teacher, Being caught doing something Nice. Being responsible and Respectful, ect. They can also earn Daycare Dollars by cleaning up a mess that was not theirs, and as prizes for games or trivia.
Every month we will open the Store and the children may spend their dollars.
The children do not actually get a physical dollar, we keep a running tally fo their
dollars on an index card, and as they spend them, we cross off the dollars.
We also have a homework supply store filled with pencils, erasers,